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Bowties with pumpkin, sausage and radicchio

Jeanette and I fancied ourselves fairly knowledgeable about pumpkins.  After all, we are American. Besides, ... well, just look at this photo:

But then! I discovered the following recipe for Farfalle con zucca, salsiccia e radicchio ("Bowties with pumpkin, sausage and radicchio"). It comes from one of my favorite blogs, Cucina Libri e Gatti (  I always look forward to Dani's recipes, and this one in particular captured my imagination.  I love the contrast of colors, flavors, and textures.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Farfalle con zucca, salsicca & radicchio
Let me begin by saying that both I and the Assistant are in love with this pasta which, to say the least, is absolutely delicious.  The flavors blend marvelously.  It has become truly one of my favorite first courses! 

I had in mind to make a pasta with pumpkin and sausage, but I wanted to make it less sweet.  So I thought of adding a little radicchio.  Then I started to peek at some recipes on the Internet and discovered that it was certainly not an original idea, but that many people had already experimented with it.  Notwithstanding, I still had the satisfaction of achieving wonderful combinations of flavors, and of familiarizing myself with some dishes that, even if not original, are truly "my cup of tea"!

And finally, the last anecdote about this dish!  You should know that the first time I prepared it and photographed it, I did realize that I forgot to insert the memory card in the camera ... Imagine my discomfort when I tried to download photos that didn't exist. O_O

However, this way, I had the excuse to make it again!

Ingredients for two people:

1 shallot
⅓ lb. (150 g) pumpkin
2 sausages
6 leaves of radicchio
½ cup of white wine [translator's note: dry]
extra-virgin olive oil

Dice the shallot and sauté it gently in 2 TB oil until soft, about 3 minutes.

Cut the pumpkin in cubes and add them to the pan, cooking them gently for 15 minutes. 

Slice the sausages. Brown them in the pan. Add salt and pepper.

Add the radicchio and cook for 2 minutes.

Add the wine and cook for 5 minutes.

Once the pasta is cooked, add it to the pan and add some of the pasta water, so as to blend everything. [Translator's note: don't add too much water.  You'll probably need between 4 and 8 oz., or between ½ and 1 cup. (A ladle is exactly one cup.)]

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