sabato 2 marzo 2013

Fennel & potato soup

This is one of my favorite soups!  The taste is heavenly!  (My readers already know that fennel is the vegetable that I love most in the whole world.  Imagine how much the flavor is enhanced when you add the butter and the homemade stock.)

Warning: With canned broth or bouillon cubes, this soup would be a calamity.  I urge you to make a homemade one.


4 large bulbs fennel
2 medium onions, cut
1 large (or 2 small) potatoes, peeled and cut in pieces
1 cup HOMEMADE turkey or chicken stock (have a little extra on hand)
½ pint (c. 250 mL) heavy cream
extra-virgin olive oil
1-2 TB butter
black pepper, freshly ground
nutmeg, freshly ground


Take the fennel.  Remove the cores, and remove the stalks, but save a few of the fronds.  Cut the bulbs in little pieces.

Heat a Dutch oven (or a normal pan).  Add the oil.  Then add the butter.  Fry the onion, potatoes, and fennel, about 5 minutes, stirring well so that everything fries uniformly.  Add the stock and half the pepper.  Cover and simmer very slowly for a half hour.

Shut the heat.  Let it cool off enough that you can transfer it to the blender.  (Or, use a handblender.)  Purée it.  Return it to the pan.  Add the cream, the rest of the pepper, and the nutmeg, and reheat it on a very low flame.  Arrange the decorative fronds on top.

Note: When you reheat the leftovers the next day, you will possibly need to add a little stock.

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  1. I love these simple creamy soups. And I couldn't agree more about using homemade broth. Better to use water than canned stock in a dish like this!

    1. Right, as always! In fact it reminds me of a great story. Neapolitan friend of mine made pasta e ceci for someone. The person couldn't get over the flavor of the "sauce" and was floored when my friend said that the ingredient was water. Not stock or wine, but water. Those Italians know how to use water! (One secret, however, is to use Sicilian pasta and put Sicilian sea salt in the water. Put a ladle of THAT into your dish, and your guests will be speaking in tongues!)