martedì 14 maggio 2013

Right in your own backyard

Last month I posted a recipe in which I attempted to depict the great Tosti song Aprile not with paint but with food. 

The beautiful lyric by Pagliara speaks of cilestrine, small light-blue flowers (presumably wild).  There is no exact translation of cilestrine.  I have always tried to imagine exactly what those flowers would have looked like. 

Yesterday I was walking down the street in Brookline, and there in someone's garden grew these light-blue wild flowers.  They were EXACTLY what I'd pictured in Aprile! (I was tempted to pick some and try to replant them in my own yard.  But if the owner happened to be looking out his window at that moment ...)

Today I was in my yard and there they were! The same flowers! (See the photo above, which I took earlier today.)  Why is it that I didn't notice them before?

The best part was, wild flowers being what they are, they are starting to spread. About four meters of my yard are now adorned by these beautiful flowers.

So much of the beauty that we seek in life is found right in our own backyard.


I wrote the above still not knowing the name of this flower! (A botanist I am not.) Many thanks to my friend and fellow blogger, Beatrice Rossi (Beatitudini in Cucina), for informing me that it is forget-me-not (Myosotis sylvatica), in Italian nontiscordardimé.  Which brings to mind yet another famous song!

Photos by the author (14 May 2013)

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