domenica 21 aprile 2013

Fusilli for a reunited family

L to R: Antonino Salvatore Ciampa, Giulio Beniamino Ciampa, Federico Lorenzo Ciampa, Matteo Giovanni Ciampa.
It has ended, a week that no Bostonian will ever forget ...

Friday, two of my sons were in lockdown (including Federico the Gourmet).  Their grandparents live in Watertown, in the very area where the police were searching door-to-door.  The assassin was found 1.7 miles from their house.

No one knew the duration of the lockdown.  I didn't know when I would see my sons again.  I had bought fusilli and heavy cream for Federico the Gourmet, ingredients that, as my readers already know, comprise Freddy's favorite dish. (See here.) Every time that I went in the kitchen, I saw these ingredients, not knowing when I would cook them ...

Finally I received the happy phone call that they were coming.  With a big smile I turned on the burners!

for the pasta
1 lb fusilli (Freddy's favorite cut of pasta)
Sicilian sea salt
abundant water (c. 5 qt — always cook pasta in this much water)

for the cream
½ pint (8 fl. oz) heavy cream (Freddy's favorite accompaniment to pasta)
freshly-ground nutmeg
freshly-ground black pepper
freshly-grated parmigiano reggiano

for the tomato sauce
(Note: Freddy doesn't like red sauces that much, but he loves the presence of pork, be it pancetta, bacon, guanciale, or salame.)
several peeled tomatoes
extra-virgin olive oil
a little chopped onion
1 whole garlic clove
freshly-sliced salami
a little homemade stock (chicken, pork, or beef)
for sweetness (because I never add sugar), a few raisins and a piece of carrot
for acidity (which will go very well with the meat and with the cream), a few spoonfuls of homemade red wine vinegar (Mine isn't yet fully vinegar; therefore, you can use a spoonful of red wine and a spoonful of red wine vinegar.)
salt & pepper
crushed red pepper (optional)
at the end
fresh basil (I didn't have basil, so I substituted fresh parsley.)

Salame "Napoli" by Olli. (

In a frying pan, put all of the ingredients under "for the tomato sauce," in the normal order, and sauté them for a few minutes.  Shut the heat and let cool enough to be able to put in the blender.  Don't blend too much; you still want little pieces of meat to remain.  With a rubber spatula, transfer the purée to the frying pan and cook on medium (not high) heat for a few minutes.

At the end, add the basil (or parsley) and shut the heat.

When the pasta is ready, add it to the sauce, then add the ingredients under "for the cream." Mix well, and Buon Appetito!

Nota: don't be too generous with the vinegar; but you'll find that the acidity provides a necessary flavor.

Drink with an excellent rosé.

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  1. Mi sembra una bella squadra, complimenti.

  2. Glad the story had a happy ending! Best wishes, Frank