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Fusilli col buco (English version)

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Federico Lorenzo Ciampa (“Freddy”) is the second of my four sons. He is six years old. He likes fusilli, pancetta, bacon, garlic, and dandelion greens. (Yes, dandelion greens.) Tomatoes, not so much. In this way, I decided the elements of the dish that I prepared today for the formidable Freddy.

In truth, this dish is not totally original. A similar recipe was made by the magnificent tenor-chef Pasquale Carpino, native of Calabria but inhabitant of Toronto (therefore not Italian-American per se, but, let's say, "Italian-North American"). Except that Pasquale used tomatoes ...


1 lb fusilli col buco (the brand Anna isn't bad at all)
Extra-virgin olive oil
2 whole garlic cloves
1 bunch dandelion greens, cut (without the stems)
HOMEMADE chicken stock (click here for stock recipe)(WKHM*)
pancetta (WKHM)
bacon (WKHM)
s & p (WKHM)
pecorino romano (at the table) (WKHM)

* = Who knows how much?


Fry the garlic in the oil. When it's golden, add the pancetta and bacon. After a couple of minutes, add the stock. After a couple of minutes, add the dandelions. Cook it about 5 minutes. (From the color of the leaves, you'll know when it's done.) Shut the heat, add the fusilli, and buon appetito!
Now, listen to a little bit of the tenor voice of the beloved Pasquale. (But tell me: what song is he singing? For the life of me, I absolutely don't know what song that is!)

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